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Help your child identify the things in life they really love to do 
and set them on a path of personal happiness and success
What is the 
Career Puppy Career Exploration Experience?
  • Your child completes the Strong Interest Inventory a short assessment that measures and evaluates their interests. (This assessment is recommended for those 14 years old and up.)
  • The ​iStart Strong Report is immediately available for download. Your child will easily see what their top interests are - and which careers correlate to those interests.
  • Your child will have 60 Day Access to Career Puppy Career Exploration Experience so they can access a complete database of career options - based on their interests - with details about what careers are trending, what educational background or training is required, and the related employment projections from the Department of Labor.
  • ​Your child will receive a Student Guide with daily exercises to direct their Career Puppy Experience.
  • ​You and your child can watch Custom Videos of people sharing what they love about their careers and what drew them to the work they are doing. These are real stories about real people in both popular and unique or unusual fields.
  • You will also receive our Parent's Workbook so you will understand just how you and your student should explore and plan together. You are your child's first and best role model - they need your guidance and input.
  • ​Every day a guided email arrives in both your and your child's inbox to keep you on track and make certain you both receive the full value of this Career Exploration Experience.

You Play 
A Critical Role 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to help guide your child's future 

Don't waste another day - or another dollar - until you know exactly what your child is interested in and what careers correspond to those interests

Don't let your child fall victim to the trap of deciding on a career because they think they'll make a lot of money or because their friends are doing it.

Don't let them base their future on what they see on YouTube or TV.

You still need to guide your child in this stage of their life.

We can help.

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"I am grateful for a service like this"

My daughter is a freshman in high school and that may seem early to be thinking about college and the future but I wanted her to have every chance to be successful. That process started with Career Exploration with Career Puppy. 

Now both my daughter and I know what she's interested in so together we can explore careers, decide on the right high school courses and have conversations about what college will be right for her. Thank you Career Puppy!                                                                                                       - Andrea
How many of us had little to no idea what we wanted to do after high school and ended up choosing a career
 based upon what our parents did,
 what we saw on TV 
or what other kids were doing?

If we were lucky, we found a vocation that made us moderately happy 
or at the very least provided a source of income and a sense of security.
Some of us stayed on that career path, 
some of us hopped from job to job seeking fulfillment and
 some of us are still searching.

Or we spent tens of thousands of dollars of our parents' hard-earned money 
or took out student loans to go to college 
to become accountants, lawyers, nurses, geologists, and every career imaginable...

only to later realize that we really didn't like that profession after all.

          It does not have 
        to be like that...

Career Puppy Career Exploration is a very simple way to determine where your child's interests lie 
and to connect those interests to potential careers. 

It's quick, easy and affordable 
can save your child from countless years of searching 
save you from the financial and emotional drain of 
sending your child down the completely wrong path.

Thousands of high school students have taken part in the Career Puppy experience,
assessing their interests and strengths with the highly respected Strong Interest Inventory.

Then students explore careers through the Career Puppy website,
creating their path and finding their passion, 
using the information they find via career descriptions, 
custom career videos and other resources designed just for this process.

But the most exciting part? Career Puppy includes you too!  

We provide timely information and research to parents to 
help you understand your child's interests 
and which careers align with those interests. 

We also provide guidance in having conversations with your child, 
exploring career opportunities together and 
planning the course of action that aligns with your child's interests.

This is the Career Puppy Career Exploration Experience 
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